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Rental Policy

The following terms apply to all rentals provided by (NY Chair Covers Inc.)

Reservation Deposit: To place an order, A reservation deposit of $100 payment is required to reserve the items for the date specified. The reservation deposit will be applied toward the rental balance. By making a payment, the customer agrees to the terms within this contract.

Rental Balance: The rental items will not be shipped until full payment is received and the rental balance must be paid at lease 14 days before the event to ensure the on time delivery. The balance will be charged to your credit card within 3 weeks before the event date if you pay with credit card.

Security Deposit: If the Reservation Deposit and the balance both paid via Paypal or Check/Money Order, a Security Deposit(equals to the rent) is required to ensure the proper return of all items, without credit card information is provided. This deposit will be fully refunded after the items returned at no damaged, no lost and no late return.

Changes to Reservation: Changes to the Rental Reservation (such as reserved items type, color and quantity) must be made at least 2 weeks before the event date and the Request of Change must be made by email. An updated Reservation Confirmation will be sent in 24 hours after we receive the change request.

Shipping: Usually rental items are scheduled to be delivered 3 business days before the event date and guaranteed by the carrier. NY Chair Covers Inc will not be responsible for any unforeseen problems during shipment in the mailing system, or incorrect given address. Customers are responsible to arrange delivery reception. Signature is required on delivery. Customers must inspect immediately the delivered items, its color and its quantity. If there is any difference between the items received and the items reserved, please contact NY Chair Covers Inc. as soon as possible.

Returning: No laundering needed before returning. All items must be returned or shipped within 2 business days after the event date. The customer agrees to be charged an additional late return fee 10% of the total rent for each day the items are not returned or shipped after the 2 business days of the event date. The maximum charge is two times the rent.

Packaging: All rental items must be dry and free of food and debris, sashes must be untied prior to packing.

Cancellation: An Order may be cancelled before the rental items are shipped but the reservation deposit is non-refundable. Any order can not be cancelled after it has been shipped.

Damaged/Missing Items: The customer agrees to pay for any damaged, lost items. Except reasonable wear, for each item returned with tears, candles burns that may be damaged beyond repair. The customer authorizes the use of their credit card to be automatically charged for the full replacement cost (two times the rental unit price for each item) or deducted from the Security Deposit.

Fees: The Customer understands that a breach of contract will result in collections of fees by NY Chair Covers Inc. The Customer will therefore be responsible for all fees associated with the collections process, including NSF check fees, attorney fees and litigations fees, in the event that the contract has been breached.

Contract: By making a payment, placing orders, or returning items, the customer agrees to the terms within this contract. NY Chair Covers Inc. reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Rental Policy.

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